MSN Pictures Displayer
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MSN Pictures Displayer is a freeware which enables you to display in a slideshow your own pictures as Messenger avatars, while chatting with your friends.

You can create you own slideshows and show them to all your contacts, even if they haven't installed MSN Pictures Displayer. The slideshows are recordable and can be stored or shared with your friends. You can add a comment to each picture too.

Warning : Only 96x96 thumbnails are stored in the slideshows : you can't restore original full picture from them. Don't erase your original pictures.

You'll find here all the information concerning the usage of MSN Pictures Displayer, some backgrounds to customize the software, slideshows to entertain your friends on Messenger, and a download area too.

MSN Pictures Displayer is 100% compatible with MSN Messenger and Windows Live Messenger (WLM).

You don't need to install Messenger Plus! Live ; nevertheless MSN Pictures Displayer includes a script for this software, in order to synchronize its execution with that of Messenger.

MSN Pictures Displayer has been translated into many languages, but you can also create your own translation if this one doesn't exist yet.

Here's a screen capture of the software :